Multipurpose WordPress SEO Plugins and Their Features WordPress is a widely being use CMS that is known for its simple and editable platform. To track your performance on WordPress, there are different types of plugins available to make things easier and faster. If you are looking for some all in one plugins, then these plugins offer multiple services and are good for newbies and non-technical users as they can see results at the dashboard and take actions accordingly.  •    Yoast  It’s the perfect definition of ‘all-in-one SEO-plugin’ with over 5 million active installs and 15,000+ positive reviews. 4.7-star rating illustrates users’ trust and efficiency of the plugin.  Key Features: Optimize meta title and meta description of the content and check website SEO analysis from the indicators, i.e., red, green, and orange. Effortlessly integrate social media platforms to your website and see how your page looks like in search results with the help of snippet preview.  Pros: One tool with a wide variety of feature.  User-friendly interface that doesn’t require any technical expertise. Free open-source option is available.  Cons: It reduces the website speed a bit due to the extensive features it offers.  Price: It's premium version costs $69. •   WordPress SEO Pack WP SEO Pack comes with a set of efficient tools highly useful for on-page and off-page optimization. The current stats show 4.05 rating and 8, 020 sales.  Key Features: You can do quick on-page SEO and add SEO friendly images. Open Graph and Twitter Support let you do social optimization while page speed insight monitors the load speed of each post.  Facebook Planner, pattern SEO, monitor 404, and W3 validator are some other valuable features of the WP SEO Pack.  Pros: It perfectly works with other SEO plugins. The plugin makes bulk changes with the bulk editor and uses video sitemap to upload videos rapidly. Backlink builder is also included in the pack.  Cons: Complexed Subscription process.   Price: Get a premium account with a regular license at the cost of $44. •  SEOPressor  The plugin offers advanced AEO tools that successfully meet recent updates of Google algorithms. 700, 000+ installs show the popularity of the plugins.   Key Features: Dynamic crawler control feature gives you complete over the crawler’ website access mechanism and automatic smart internet linking allow to add internal links. Make your website SEO friendly by using XML Sitemap generator and check words optimization with Keyword Score Checker. LSI Keyword Calculator and Readability Score are also included in SEOPressor.  Pros: Though rating and download information isn’t available for SEOPressor, but users termed it their favorite SEO plugin for reviews.  Cons: It’s not available for free, and many people face issues in buying process as only available as premium SEO plugin.  Price: $9/month is the initial price of the plugin with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Optimal keywords are key to success. They appear your business in more search results and push traffic towards your website. Here are some WordPress plugins you can use to find relevant keywords and get higher in search results.

  • Google Keyword Planner

Google is the most used search engine, and who knows better about optimized keywords than it? Google Keyword Planner is ideal for bloggers and content creators. The hyper-search volume tool has a 9/10 rating and offers unbeatable results when it comes to target people based on their demographics.

Key Features: It helps to grow your business with Google Ads and shows ups your products when people search for them. No need to add any additional software with it while cross-referencing is also not a big deal.

Pros: one of the most authentic and useful tools that generates real time results. Improves brand appearance and gives recognition to your company.

Cons: Device segmentation isn’t available anymore, and you can’t avail the liberty of choosing a broad phrase match. It restricts users to opt for a keyword suggested by Google.

Price: Absolutely free to use.

  • io

It’s the most reliable keyword search tool available free of cost. The plugin is efficient enough to generate 99.9% authentic results. With the rating of 9/10, the plugin is highly useful for business owners and Wocommerce websites.

Key Features: uses automatic Google Search Suggestions and generates long-tail keywords with high ranking potential.

Pros: It’s fast, has a user-friendly interface, and easy to use. Unlike Google Keyword Planner, the plugin is specifically designed for content creation of SEO, not a tool for advertisers. It uses autocomplete suggestions to find short, long, and LSI keywords.

Cons: Poor support for other useful APIs like Amazon and keyword volume feature is quite costly.

Price: It free for use, but you have to pay $88/month for Pro version.

  • SEMrush

A very popular plugin for keyword search despite the fact it offers other SEO features as well. The plugin has over 4 million users, with over 13 million domains and 800 million keywords.

Key Features: It’s equally beneficial for advertisement and SEO purposes. Gather phrase matching keyword and find out which keywords are being used by popular landing pages. It provides complete information about a keyword such as a volume, CPC, trends, and ad copies. Get long-tail keywords for multiple languages.

Pros: Extremely useful to find long-tail keywords which represent 70% of all search traffic. It offers several other SEO features as well that includes analytical reports, backlinks information, product listing ads, and traffic analytics.

Cons: Free version is limited and doesn’t give 100% accurate results.

Price: Pro $99 per month

Cost Effective WordPress SEO Plugins to Find Keywords

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