I’m a very positive guy. So it|Therefore it saddens me that many of my customer service observations give attention to bad examples and what not to do. Since I’d rather find and talk about types of fabulous customer care, it’s become my passion in life to work towards a lot of people thinking that customer support generally is pretty good (the contrary is now true). Then I’d see great customer support everywhere!

For those who don’t know or don’t live in a state blessed with el Pollo Loco menu prices, they may have the most effective flame broiled chicken on earth. I’ve been enjoying it for nearly 20 years.

However, their customer support varies wildly from store-to-store. Find the wrong store and you may want to strangle a staff member or two. Some workers forget to grasp even most rudimentary customer care principles.

And after years of searching, I finally found my personal favorite el Pollo Loco franchise. It’s a bit farther away from my home, but it’s worth heading out of my way to get good service. I even wrote the business and told the district manager how great this store was, especially in comparison to other branches. Things was going great, they knew me there, and I loved eating their chicken. Unfortunately, I needed an event yesterday evening that has helped me reevaluate these positive feelings.

So, yesterday I needed some Pollo Loco chicken for dinner after having a late movie. I called the best location, with all the best service around town, to set a takeout order. I got through after the phone rang for pretty much 2 minutes. An employee breathlessly answered the phone and then asked basically if i could hold. “Sure!” I responded. Then, I waited, and waited, and waited.

I drove 8 miles in LA traffic, arrived at the store, and walked together with the telephone still ringing. I required to talk to the manager. He was on the register. I assumed that they had just forgotten me, that was not true. That they had decided to not answer my call simply because they were busy. So they allow me to sit, and sit, and sit on hold.

Since they knew me, I asked them should they could view the phone was on hold. Yup. Oooops. I told them it had been me, which I was on hold for nearly 10 minutes. What did the lady do? She walked to the phone and hung it. Not just a word of apology. After speaking to the employee, I went along to the end of the line to wait my turn to talk to the manager. As I is at line, I could notice that the worker and also the manager were speaking about the phone call, my wait, as well as the whole mess.

I reach the front in the line and the manager says for me, “Hello, how are you currently?” Seriously?! He already knew I used to be upset, yet he didn’t make his first words “I am so sorry for the mess.”

I told him the whole story, specifically the part about being hung on without having a word of apology. He turns to the individual who hung on me, says something, and she comes over and apologizes. He gives me some lame excuses about being unsure of regarding the call, blah, blah, blah. It never occurs to him to apologize, he just denies responsibility for the actions of his troops.

I ask the manager why his employee waited to apologize until he told her to. And, it gets ugly. He lies in my opinion. He says she doesn’t speak English perfectly and thus she didn’t say anything. Which doesn’t make sense, she did a bbquiq job talking to me and apologizing once he’d told her to.

Sorry to say, I had been angry and left without my chicken and my appetite.

Now, this is actually the moral in the story. When you screw up, just apologize. Then apologize again. Everyone. On a regular basis. Assume responsibilty for annoying an excellent, https://www.elpolloloco.com/our-food/. You screwed up. So does everyone. Just apologize then take action extra making it right. In this case, buy me some chicken, deliver a totally free coupon, or anything else making it right. Chicken and rice costs him a nickel. My company may be worth about $1000 annually, minimum. Is saving that biz worth an apology as well as a little chicken? Yes.

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